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Popular Products for Summer 2018!
"From now on I won't sit on my back patio in the summer without my mister on. The 5 nozzle permanently mounted mister makes the perfect amount of
mist to cool our 15' x 10' patio."-
Michael from Austin, TX

"This mister is the best thing I ever purchased for our patio. I'm buying one for at the pool deck next!"- Mark from Sandusky, OH

"Living in the desert we have tried all kinds of misters. We like the one we bought from Aqua Misters best because the nozzles have yet to clog." Al
from Henderson, NV

"The high pressure misting system I purchased really makes a BIG difference on hot days. Thanks for all the help with laying the system out and
selecting the best size misting pump for my patio"
Wayne from Frankford, DE

"The birds love the mister I installed for them by the bird bath. The humming birds seem to like it best. Thanks for a great product!"- Michelle from
Kempton, PA

"Not only does the misting fan keep us cool, but it keeps the bugs away too." Denise from Ocean Pines, MD

"Your perimeter misting kits are well worth the price. They are made from higher quality parts compared to other misting systems. Best of all I like how
your clamps allow you to remove the system in seconds while leaving the clamps still mounted."
Kevin from Ocala, FL

"Thanks for creating a great water mister that is easy to install. The 3 nozzle permanent mister is great for cooling off my condo balcony on hot days."
Margaret from Myrtle Beach, SC

"My neighbor liked my portable mister so much that he wants to order one. We both like how it breaks down quickly for storage and how it can be used
Nate from Towson, MD

"I've had other misting systems in the past but none compare to the one I got from Aqua Misters. The built in filters on the misting nozzles make a huge
difference and after two months the tiny misting nozzles have yet to clog"
Erin from Santa Fe, NM
Aqua Misters designs, manufactures, and sells a wide variety of water misting products for mist cooling and other
applications including dust and odor control. Our diverse line of misting products include misting systems, misting
fans, water misters, portable mist cooling systems, high pressure misting pumps, and misting nozzles. Our company
has extensive experience with residential, commercial, industrial, and other unique misting applications.
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Beat the heat this summer on your patio or deck with an Aqua Misters Misting System!
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