Close-up of the aluminum misting head that is
attached to the fan.
3 Nozzle misting head is shown
Our 24" Wall Mount Misting Fan is ideal for cooling medium to large sized areas. While this misting fan is perfect for
mist cooling applications, the 24" diameter fan makes it ideal for dust and odor control applications as well. The
totally enclosed fan motor features 3 speeds and is UL507 listed for outdoor use. The motor housing is constructed
out of steel to ensure a long life. The included mounting bracket mounts fan directly to the wall.

The 24" Wall Mount Misting Fan has an oscillating feature that allows the fan head to oscillate up to 90º. The fan
oscillator can be turned off if you prefer to operate the fan head in a fixed position. These are heavy duty industrial
grade fans that will last you a very long time. Fan operates on 120 volts and is UL Listed and meets OSHA standards.

Attached to the front of the fan guard is one of our anodized aluminum mister heads that houses the misting nozzles.
This low pressure misting fan come with a garden hose swivel to attach to a garden hose. Each plastic misting nozzle
has a built-in mesh screen filter to prevent nozzle clogging and damage. In-line filters can be added below if you are
operating the misting fan with poor quality water or want to double filter your water.

Sizing Note: For most mist cooling applications we recommend ordering a misting fan with no more than 5 misting
nozzles. If you are using the misting fan for dust or odor control applications, then we recommend ordering a misting
fan with 7 or 10 misting nozzles. In the event the misting fan is putting out too much mist for your liking, you can
always plug misting nozzles off by purchasing a set of plugs below.
Select Number of Misting Nozzles
24" Low Pressure Wall Mount Misting Fan
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Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Misting Applications

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Shipping Note: The fan will ship from the
manufacturer's warehouse and the mister will ship from
our warehouse for you to attach to the front of the fan
using two zip ties. This nearly eliminates backorders
during the busy summer months.
Optional Accessories
Brass Plugs- 10 Pack (to plug off misting nozzles)

If your misting fan is making too much mist for your liking,
you can always remove misting nozzles and plug them off
with these brass plugs. These brass plugs are sold in packs
of 10 and are made from solid brass.

Pack of 10 Brass Plugs- $25.00
Low Pressure In-Line Filter

If you have a lot of sediment, minerals, or debris in your water we
recommend ordering this in-line filter. This filter will filter the water
before it enters your mister head to prevent nozzle clogging. If
ordered, we will install the filter for you.

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