These plastic misting nozzles come with a cup style strainer instead of our normal built-in outside filter.
This means the filter is located on the
INSIDE of the misting nozzle instead of the outside. We
recommend using this style misting nozzle if our exterior filter is too long to work with your fittings.

Our plastic misting nozzles are chemical and corrosion resistant and will actually outlast brass misting
nozzles! Made from UV protected plastic, our plastic misting nozzles will hold up just fine in outdoor
misting systems.

Each misting nozzle consumes 0.63gph@40psi or 1.00gph@100psi.

Common applications for this size nozzle include mist cooling, dust control, odor control, hydroponics,
and greenhouse misting. Higher flow rate plastic misting nozzles are available, see details below. The
plastic misting nozzles have a 1/8" NPT male thread.

gph stands for gallons of water per hour


2gph@100psi and 3gph@100psi plastic misting nozzles are available by special order.
Contact us for more information and pricing.
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Plastic Misting Nozzles with Cup Strainers - 1/8"
Misting Systems & Misting Fans


Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Misting Applications

Phone: 610-481-9696
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