Features & Benefits:

This fan DOES NOT have a totally enclosed motor and should not be exposed to rain or moisture. Store
indoors when not in use.

- 24" diameter fan is ideal for small to medium sized areas

- 3 Speed Motor: 4,050 CFM (Low Speed), 6,060 CFM (Medium) or 7,525 CFM (High Speed)

- Oscillating fan head that can be turned on or off

- Adjustable height from 56 inches to 65 inches

- 18' long power cord

- Anodized aluminum misting block head with brass garden hose connection

- Plastic misting nozzles will outlast brass nozzles & each nozzle has a built-in filter
Select Number of Misting Nozzles


Close-up of the aluminum misting head that is
attached to the fan.
3 Nozzle misting head is shown
Sizing Guide: 2, 3, 4, or 5 nozzles is recommended
for patio mist cooling applications. 7 or 10 nozzles
is recommended for cooling large areas at events
and dust/odor control applications.
24" Pedestal Misting Fan
Misting Systems & Misting Fans


Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Misting Applications

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24" Pedestal Misting Fan Accessories
Brass Nozzle Plugs- 10 Pack

Use these solid brass plugs to remove and plug off
misting nozzles if you are producing too much mist.

Pack of 10 Brass Plugs- $25.00
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In-Line Filter

This inline filter will be installed on your mister head to filter
the water before it enters the mister. We highly recommend
this if you have hard water or a high sediment content in
your water.

In-Line Filter- $35.00