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Our misting nozzles are what make our water misters and misting systems unique. Each misting nozzle (1/8" size) contains a built-in mesh screen
filter to prevent nozzle clogging. If you have ever used other misting nozzles, chances are they did not have a built-in filter. Misting nozzles that do
not have a built-in filter will quickly clog if you have "hard water" or a high content of sediment in your water. Even if your water is pretty clean or if
you have a water softener, your misting nozzles will still be susceptible to clogging if they do not have a built-in mesh screen filter. Companies that
sell misting systems or misters with cheap misting nozzles say that if you install an in-line filter you will not have to worry about your misting
nozzles clogging. This isn't always the case and most places sell in-line filters that let a lot of debris and sediment bypass through the filter to clog
your misting nozzles because the filter isn't fine enough to trap most debris.

If you have ever had clogged misting nozzles, then you know first hand how difficult it can be to unclog them. The only real way to unclog a
misting nozzle is to let it soak in vinegar and hope the nozzle orifice unclogs. However this will only work if the clog is due to water mineral buildup.
If the clog is from debris in your water like sediment, there isn't really anything you can do to unclog the nozzle except to replace it. The built-in
filters on our nozzles are designed to trap most sediment content in your water to prevent the nozzle from being permanently damaged. Most
people do not have the time or patience to unclog misting nozzles so they just replace them. After replacing them a few times it can get very
expensive even though some misting nozzles are "cheap" from other sources.

With our built-in mesh screen filters on each misting nozzle, you do not have to worry as much about nozzle clogging because the filters prevent
most sediment and debris from entering the nozzle. While we cannot guarantee clog free nozzles as some fine debris or sediment may get past
the filter, our nozzles will do a much better job of preventing clogging issues saving you time and money. The filter also does a good job of
preventing lime and calcium buildup from entering the nozzle. If for any reason you notice your misting nozzle isn't functioning as it should, you
can remove the misting nozzle and clean the filter off. Typically our nozzles don't clog, the filters just need cleaning to remove any build-up that is
restricting water flow to the nozzle orifice. Typically when you clean the filter off or soak it in vinegar, the nozzle should work like new again.

If you have extremely hard water or a high content of sediment in your water, you may want to consider an in-line filter for your water mister or
misting system. The in-line filter filters the water as it enters your water mister or misting system. Then as the water gets to the misting nozzles,
the filters on the misting nozzles filter the water a second time. The in-line filter removes most of sediment or debris before the water gets near
the misting nozzles. Then any remaining debris in the water should get caught in the filter at the misting nozzle. By using an in-line filter with the
built-in filters on your misting nozzles, you get double protection.

After the water goes through the filter on the misting nozzle, it enters an internal metering device inside the nozzle. The internal metering device
restricts how much water exits the nozzle orifice and helps to produce a very fine mist. The metering device also creates the nozzle orifice spray
pattern. As you can see by the picture above, our misting nozzles are rather complex on the inside.

Our misting nozzles may not be the cheapest but we can guarantee you will not have to worry about your nozzles continually clogging and
requiring replacement. The cheap misting nozzles you can find elsewhere for $5 or less simply won't last. Our misting nozzles all have 1/8" NPT
threads making them compatible with other misters and misting systems besides ours. Once you try our misting nozzles, you won't want to use
any others.

We have plastic and brass misting nozzles available. Stainless steel and copper-nickel metal misting nozzles are available upon request. We have
plastic misting nozzles with flow rates up to 3gph@100psi and metal misting nozzles with flow rates up to 15gph@100psi.
Note: The picture above shows a brass misting nozzle. Our plastic misting
nozzles are identical, but are just made out of plastic instead of brass.
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