If you have never owned a misting system before, all the different products that
are available can make it confusing what you need to purchase.

Below we explain the different types of water misting products that are available
to help you decide what would be best for your individual needs.
Misting Fans are ideal for cooling large areas and for use in areas where you
cannot mount a traditional misting system, such as a patio area without a roof.

There are several benefits to misting fans. First, the fan creates it's own breeze
so this helps to spread the mist and cool air over a larger area. With a traditional
misting system or water mister you are relying on the natural breeze to circulate
the mist and cool air. On days without a breeze, you cannot cool as big of an area.

The second benefit of a misting fan is you get the cooling effects of the fan itself.
You can also run the fan by itself without the mister on to just move stagnant air.

Last, a misting fan helps to keep the bugs away. Bugs such as mosquitoes do not
care for the noise of the fan and tend to stay away from areas near the fan.
Misting Systems are the most popular because they are what most people are
familiar with. They typically line an area, such as the outside perimeter of a patio,
with misting nozzles every so many feet to disperse a fine water mist.

As the mist evaporates, it begins to cool the surrounding air. With a breeze, you
are able to spread the mist out and cool areas beyond the misting system. This is
why you want to mount the system on the outside perimeter of a patio for air flow.

Misting systems are available in high and low pressure versions. High pressure
systems will cool the air as much as 30ºF and produce a finer mist but require an
expensive misting pump to operate.

Most people go with a low pressure system that will cool the air by as much as
20ºF because a pump is not required. The low pressure system connects to a
garden hose or faucet to operate at household water pressure.
Water misters are good for cooling smaller areas or for people who do not want
to assemble a misting system. They are also ideal for cooling animals. Most
water misters are shipped fully assembled and ready to use out of the box.

Without a breeze behind them, the mist will not travel very far. If you have even
a slight breeze behind a water mister, the mist will travel about 25 feet or more.

Basic water misters can be attached to the front of outdoor rated fans to create
misting fans. If you already have an outdoor rated fan, you can zip tie a mister to
the front to create your own misting fan.
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