Pedestal Style Misting Fans

Adjustable height fans with large pedestal
bases are ideal for areas where mounting a fan
to the wall is not possible

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Wall Mount Style Misting Fans

Wall fans mount to the side of a wall and are
popular for use on outdoor patios and inside
barns to cool livestock

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Ceiling Mount Style Misting Fans

Ceiling mount misting fans mount directly to the
ceiling by using a mounting bracket extension.

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Portable Misting Fans

Need a misting fan but have no access to a garden
hose with a constant flow of running water? These
Portable Misting Fans are just what you need! Simply
fill the large holding tank with water and you can have
mist for hours!

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Misting Fans
Misting Systems & Misting Fans


Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Misting Applications

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Floor & Tabletop Style Misting Fans

Compact fan design allows you to place the fan
on either a tabletop or directly on the floor

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