How Mist Cooling Works
A misconception is that misting systems and water misters cool you down by getting you wet with water. While this
sounds like a plausible idea, it is not actually how mist cooling works. Mist cooling works by getting the mist to
evaporate into the surrounding air as fast as possible.

As the mist evaporates into the surrounding air, it begins to cool the air. This process is known as "flash
evaporation." As the mister or misting system continues to run, more of the surrounding air gets cooled through
flash evaporation.

The cool air then begins to circulate away from the water mister to help cool other areas that are not receiving
mist from the water mister. If you are just using a water mister to cool your patio, you will be relying on the wind or
breeze to help circulate the cool air. How much of a breeze there is largely determines how big of an area your
water mister will cool.

Misting fans help to spread cool air quickly and efficiently, the same goes for misting systems that line your entire
patio with misting nozzles. Misting fans and misting systems do not rely heavily on a breeze to help spread cool
air. This is because a misting fans create their own breeze and a misting system has misting nozzles positioned
the entire length of your patio to cool the entire area.
Let's Put that into some pictures...
The diagram above shows how one of our low pressure misters, (X), is
placed on an outdoor porch near a patio table.
When the water mister is turned on, the mister starts to make a fine mist.
This mist then evaporates into the air to cool down the air. This is known
as "flash evaporation". The cool air begins to circulate around and away
from the mister to cool surrounding air that is away from the water mister.
As shown by the blue in the above diagram, over time the mister makes
enough mist to cool areas a distance away from the water mister. The
longer you run the water mister, the more mist it will create and circulate
over a larger area. Areas that are not even in close proximity to the mister
will get cooled down as the cool air circulates. If there is a slight breeze, it
will help to spread the cool air faster and over a bigger area.

These diagrams show how a basic water mister works. If you have a
misting fan or misting system, they will work much more efficiently and cool
your patio area faster because they do not rely on the breeze to circulate
the cool air.
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