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Q: What does "gph" and "psi" stand for?

"gph" stands for gallons of water per hour and "psi" is a measure of
pressure that stands for "Pounds per Square Inch". These abbreviations are
commonly found specifying misting nozzle flow rates.

Q: How much cooling can I expect from a misting system?

With a low pressure misting system you can get up to 20ºF of cooling and
with a high pressure system up to 30ºF of cooling. The lower your humidity,
the more cooling you will get.

Q: What is the minimum water pressure needed for a low pressure mister or
misting system?

We recommend at least 40psi for the minimum water pressure. Although,
we've had people operate as low as 25psi without any problems. Typically
any pressure coming out of your homes water faucet will be sufficient. It is
usually with RV's or boats you have to be more cautious.

Q: What is the difference between your misting systems and the cheaper
ones I can get elsewhere?

The biggest difference is the quality of the components used. Often times
the less expensive misting systems will leak or have nozzles that clog in a
matter of minutes. You get what you pay for, good quality is not cheap. All of
our misting systems, fittings, tubing, and nozzles are made in the USA.

In recent years some websites have begun offering misting systems that  
ship direct from China. These usually have "too good to be true" prices.
Once you order, you find out it takes nearly 2 months to receive the system.

Q: Will I get wet from a low pressure misting system?

Low pressure misting systems produce a fine mist that won't leave you
soaking wet unless you are using low quality nozzles.

Q: Can I get a fogging effect with a high pressure misting system?

Yes. Only a high pressure misting system can give you a fogging effect.
We also have fogging systems that are designed to make a dense fog.

Q: Why are high pressure misting systems more efficient than low pressure
misting system?

High pressure misting systems use special misting pumps to supply high
pressure water at about 1,000psi. This allows you to create a very fine mist
that can evaporate much faster and thus allow for greater cooling.

Q: High pressure misting systems seem like the way to go but are
expensive. Is it worth buying a low pressure system if I don't want to invest
in a high pressure misting system?

Absolutely, that is why we and other companies offer low pressure
misting systems. On a hot summer day, any type of mist cooling is better
than none at all!

Q: Does mist cooling work by getting you wet?

No, this is a common misconception. Mist cooling actually works by
having the mist flash evaporate into the surrounding air to cool it. Although
it does feel quite good on a hot day to have a fine mist touch your skin!

Q: Are the plastic misting nozzles chemical and corrosion resistant?

Yes, our plastic misting nozzles are chemical, corrosion, and UV resistant
due to the unique formula resin the nozzles are made from. Our plastic
nozzles will actually out last metal misting nozzles.

Q: Do you have higher flow rate misting nozzles?

Yes, by special order. We do not stock higher flow rate misting nozzles as
they are not popular. Plastic misting nozzles are available in flow rates up to
3gph@100psi and brass misting nozzles are available up to 15gph@100psi.
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