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The DustBlock is a modified version of our Permanently Mounted Water Mister.
It is designed specifically for Dust and Odor Control applications where a higher
water nozzle flow rate is needed compared to traditional misting nozzles. The
DustBlock produces a uniform and consistent spray at a 40º spray pattern. This
is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of unique applications.

The standard DustBlock is designed for Low Pressure water use by attaching a
garden hose or directly to a water source with normal city water pressure. Each
nozzle consumes .20gpm at 40psi of water pressure. The standard DustBlock
comes with 4 misting nozzles with a 1.5" nozzle spacing. Other versions can be
custom made with 2 to 10 misting nozzles based on customer needs.

For certain applications that require finer sized water droplets or an increased
coverage area, a High Pressure version is available that can be used with one of
Misting Pumps or a regular pressure washer. By using high pressure water
you will get finer sized water droplets and an increased coverage area. In
outdoor applications, a single DustBlock will cover approx a 25' x 25' area with a
slight breeze. A high pressure version is ideal for construction sites for dust.

Constructed out of durable anodized aluminum, brass, and stainless steel
components, the DustBlock can withstand damage in even the most demanding
environments. DustBlocks can be connected together by removing the end plug
(side opposite water connection) in order to run off a single water source.
Mounting holes on all sides make it easy to mount just about anywhere.
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This product is NOT designed for mist cooling applications. It uses higher
flow rate spray nozzles that do no produce a "mist". Designed specifically
for dust and odor control applications.
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