High Pressure Misting Systems
When it comes to buying a misting system for your patio or deck, the biggest choice you have to make is if you want a
low pressure or high pressure misting system. Each misting systems has its pros and its cons so we have listed them
below to help you select the best misting system for your patio deck. If your budget allows, we highly recommend
going with a
HIGH PRESSURE MISTING SYSTEM. You won't be disappointed in your investment!

If you still have questions about which misting system is best for your needs, please feel free to
contact us and we
would be happy to assist you!
  • Most efficient, can cool
    surrounding air up to 35ºF

  • 95% or more of the mist
    evaporates so you do not
    get "wet"

  • Nozzle Clogging is RARE!

  • Creates bold fogging effect

  • Easy to install
  • Requires high pressure
    misting pump

  • Most expensive

  • Misting pump requires
    basic routine maintenance,
    typically once per year
Low Pressure Misting Systems
  • No special pumps
    required, uses just a
    garden hose

  • Inexpensive to purchase

  • Cools surrounding air up
    to 15ºF

  • Easy to install
  • Not all of the mist will
    evaporate so you may
    feel the fine mist touch
    your skin (you won't get
    "soaking wet" though)

  • Better chance of nozzle

  • Does not create a bold
    fogging effect
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