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Build your own Low Pressure Nylon Misting System and get exactly what you want and only what you need!
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Garden Hose Swivel x Push to Connect

You will need 1 of these fittings to connect your misting
system to your water source. One end has a push to
connect end to go onto your misting system tubing, the
other end threads onto a garden hose or faucet.

$20.00 each
Nylon Tubing (Black) - 1/4" OD

Our Nylon tubing is high pressure rated and UV Protected.
It is simply the best tubing you can buy. Order as many
feet as you need for your misting system. If you plan on
running the tubing down to ground level to connect to
your water source, be sure to figure this into your
Sold in 25', 50', and 100' lengths. Black only.
Select Length
Tubing Cutter

If you do not have a tubing cutter, you will need one to cut
the nylon tubing squarely in order to prevent leaks. Using
a utility knife is not recommended to cut tubing.

$20.00 each
Low Pressure Push to Connect Nozzle Tee Fitting

These Tee Fittings connect your misting nozzles to the
nylon mist line. Typical nozzle spacing is every 2 feet.
Figure out how many nozzles your misting system will
have. Then subtract 1 from this number, this is how many
Nozzle Tee Fittings you need to order.

Example: Your system has 10 nozzles. Subtract 1 from
this number. You need to order 9 Nozzle Tee Fittings.

$10.00 each
Low Pressure Push to Connect Nozzle 90º Elbow

The Nozzle 90º Elbow fitting is the last fitting on your
misting system. This is why you subtract 1 tee from the
tee fittings above.

This fitting goes on the end of your mist line to end the
water flow and create the back pressure for your system.
Only 1 of these fittings is required.

$15.00 each
10/24 Brass Misting Nozzles - 0.012" Orifice

Order as many misting nozzles as you need for your
misting system. Some people like to keep a few extra on
Note the price discount if you order a pack of 25
misting nozzles
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1/4" Nylon Loop Clamps

These clamps secure your Nylon tubing to where you are
mounting your misting system. We recommend using a
clamp every 3 to 4 feet.

Depending on where you are mounting your system,
these clamps may not work and you may prefer to use zip
ties or something else to mount your system.
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Other Fittings you May Need...
Push to Connect Union Tubing Tee- 1/4" OD Tubing

Use to divert tubing in different directions. Commonly used
for misting systems that will have different zones. AKA
"3-Way Splitter". Construction is Brass.
Push to Connect 90º Union Elbow - 1/4" OD Tubing

Use this fitting to go around corners with tubing or at the
start of the misting to drop the tubing down to ground level
for connection to the water source. Construction is Brass.
Select Quantity
Select Quantity
Push to Connect Ball Valve - 1/4" OD Tubing

A simple on/off valve commonly used with misting systems
that have more than one zone. Also commonly used at the
start of a system to turn it on or off if the faucet is too far.

Ball valve has push to connect ends installed to connect to
1/4" tubing (push to connect ends not pictured).

$30.00 each