Our 10' High Pressure Fogging System Kit contain enough tubing, fittings, and nozzles to create a fog system up to
10 feet in length. The kit is laid out for a nozzle every 2 feet. Kits can be joined together to make longer lengths.

Fogging systems use a higher flow rate misting nozzle in order to create a bold fog effect. Perfect for accenting
landscaping, swimming pools, or creating special effects. You can also cool the surrounding air as well.

Due to the higher flow rate nozzles, these systems should not be installed on patios if you are concerned about
getting wet.

Please note: Fogging systems require the use of a high pressure misting pump. The size misting pump you need is
determined by the total number of nozzles that are used in your Fogging System. You can order misting pumps by
clicking here

Included with the 10' High Pressure Fogging System:

(1)         Misting Pump Quick Connect Fitting

(1)         10' Roll of High Pressure Nylon Tubing    
Need more high pressure Nylon Tubing? Click Here

(1)         Tubing Cutter

(5)         Push to Connect Misting Tees

(6)         0.012" Brass Misting Nozzles

(1)         Push to Connect 90º Elbow Fitting (to end fogging system)

(3)         Mounting clamps


10' Fog System- $169.99
10' Fogging System - $169.99
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10' High Pressure Fogging System
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