These 0.012" x 10/24 thread brass misting nozzles are used in our Flexible Nylon Low Pressure Misting
Systems. These nozzles will work with any low pressure misting system that uses 10/24 threaded nozzles.

These nozzles are also used with our
High Pressure Fogging Systems. Customers that live in low humidity
areas can also use these 0.012" nozzles with a high pressure misting system for increased flow.

Flow Rates: 0.63gph@40psi, 1.00gph@100psi, 1.60gph@1,000psi
(Flow rate is per nozzle, GPH stands for "Gallons of Water Per Hour")

Sold in Packs of 10 and 25 Only. Free Shipping within the USA.
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Low Pressure 10/24 Brass Misting Nozzles - 0.012"
Misting Systems & Misting Fans


Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Misting Applications

Phone: 610-481-9696