High Pressure Nylon Tubing
This Nylon tubing is high pressure rated and can be used for both low and high pressure misting systems. UV Protected for the sun.
This tubing is
USA MADE and will outlast the cheap foreign made tubing that is sold elsewhere.

This high pressure Nylon tubing has a working pressure of 850psi@70ºF with a burst pressure of over 3,000psi. This is the same Nylon tubing that
is included with our Nylon Misting System Kits. This tubing can be used between misting nozzles on both high and low pressure misting systems. It
can also be used as supply line from a misting pump manifold if you are running multiple high pressure misting systems or misting fans from a single
misting pump. The Nylon tubing is semi rigid, but it offers some "flex" compared to solid metal tubing. Very easy tubing to work with.

This Nylon tubing has an outside diameter of 1/4" and will work with push to connect or compression style fittings. In order to ensure a secure seal
inside of approved tubing fittings, make sure you only cut the Nylon tubing with a tubing cutter. Cutting with scissors or a knife will not ensure a safe
locking seal inside of the fitting. Tubing cutters are available below if you do not have one. This Nylon tubing is available in black only.


Tubing Cutter with blade- $20

25' Black Nylon Tubing- $40

50' Black Nylon Tubing- $80

100' Black Nylon Tubing- $160
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