Q: What is difference between your misting systems and the inexpensive ones I can get?

The biggest difference is the quality of the components used. As the old saying goes, "You get what you pay
for." All of our misting systems use USA made fittings, tubing, pipe, and misting nozzles. This means our misting
systems will last you a long time and provide you with the highest quality mist possible.

Inexpensive misting systems are built for price and price only. They were not built to last long and are made from
the cheapest foreign components you can get. Since inexpensive misting systems use cheap misting nozzles, not
only will they clog quickly, but they will also produce bigger water droplets instead of a fine mist. This is why they
get the nickname "soaker systems" instead of misting systems.

Q: Will I get soaking wet from a low pressure misting system? I heard the only way to not get wet is
with a high pressure misting system?

When it comes to our low pressure misting systems and misting products, they will not get you "soaking wet"
because of the high quality misting nozzles we use to create
FINE water droplets. Low pressure misting products
from some of our
competitors may leave you "soaking wet" because they use inexpensive misting nozzles that
create big water droplets. Even if not all of the water evaporates from your misting system, the fine mist the
nozzles produce feels very refreshing on a hot summer day!

Q: Can I use a high pressure misting system to create a fogging effect?

Yes. High pressure misting systems can be used to create a fogging effect. Depending on the size nozzles you
are using, it is possible to make a very dense fog if desired.

Q: Why do high pressure misting systems cool the surrounding air better than low pressure misting

High pressure misting systems use high pressure water which creates very fine water droplets. The fine water
droplets make it easy for the mist to flash evaporate into the surrounding air. The more mist you get to
evaporate, the cooler the surrounding air will feel. In high pressure misting systems more mist evaporates
compared to low pressure misting systems thus making high pressure misting systems more efficient.

Q: High pressure misting systems are really expensive but seem like the best option. If I do not want
to invest in one will a low pressure misting system be worth it?

Absolutely! That is why we and other misting companies offer them. We understand not everyone can afford
or wants to invest a lot of money into a misting system that is only used a few months per year. The bottom line is
any misting system is better than no misting system on a hot summer day!

A great alternative to a low pressure misting system is a low pressure misting fan. By purchasing a misting fan
not only do you get the cooling effects of a water mister but also the fan itself. Most of our misting fans have an
oscillating feature which helps to spread the cool air and mist over a larger area. The fan can also be run itself
without the water mister on to circulate the stagnant air on a warm summer night.  

Q: Does mist cooling work by getting you wet?

No. Mist cooling works by making the water mist evaporate into the air, this phenomenon is known as "flash
evaporation." When the mist evaporates it cools the surrounding air to lower the real feel temperature. The cool
air will circulate to cool an even larger area beyond your misting system or water mister.

Q: Do I need to line the entire length of my patio or deck with misting nozzles in order to cool the
area down?

No. This is a misconception that goes along with the theory that mist cooling works by getting you wet. As
explained on the
how mist cooling works page, the purpose of a mister or misting system is to have the mist
evaporate in order to cool the surrounding air. The cool air then circulates to cool an even larger area. Having
misting nozzles line the entire length of your patio or deck just helps to cool the area down quicker. A misting fan
can achieve this as well because it blows the mist and cool air across the patio area.

Q: I want to buy a low pressure mist cooling product and was wondering what normal household
water pressure is?

Normal household water pressure will vary. If you are on a well your water pressure is probably around 40 to
60psi. If you are on municipal water supply then your water pressure is probably between 65-80psi on average.

Q: Are the plastic misting nozzles chemical and corrosion resistant?
Yes, our plastic misting nozzles are chemical, corrosion, and UV resistant due to the unique plastic resin that
the nozzles are made from.

Q: Do you have higher flow rate misting nozzles?

Yes. Please contact us with your needs and we will help you select the best size misting nozzles for your
needs. We have plastic misting nozzles that flow up to 3gph@100psi and brass misting nozzles that flow up to

Q: How many nozzles should I get on a permanently mounted or portable low pressure mister?

Our suggestion is the bigger the area you are trying to cool, the more misting nozzles you will want to have. It
is always better to have more misting nozzles than not enough because you can plug misting nozzles off if the
water mister is making too much mist for your liking. The 2, 3, and 4 nozzle misters are good for small sized
patios while the 5, 7, and 10 nozzle misters are good for medium to large sized patios.

Q: How much cooler will the mister make the outside air feel?

This is determined by several factors including your humidity level, where the misting system is installed, and
whether you have a high pressure misting system or a low pressure misting system. High pressure misting
systems are the most efficient and can cool the surrounding air by as much as 30ºF. Low pressure misting
systems can cool the surrounding air by as much as 20ºF.

Q: For the low pressure misters and misting nozzles what is the minimum water pressure that I need?

We recommend a minimum of 40psi for any of our low pressure misters or misting systems. However we have
had customers in the past run the misters with as little as 25psi without any problems. The higher your water
pressure, the finer the droplet size of your mist.

Q: Can I create a fogging effect with one of your water misters or misting systems?

Fogging affects can only be achieved with one of our high pressure misting products because you need to
use high pressure water to create a "fog" cloud. You will not be able to achieve a fogging effect with a low
pressure misting product that just attaches to a garden hose.

Q: Where are your products made?

Our misting nozzles, misting systems, and water misters are all designed, manufactured, and packaged in the
USA. Our misting fans are 50% made in the USA but do not meet made in USA requirements.
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