SnowStorm Snowmaking is our parent company
It's a funny story how we got into this business...

For years our parent company, SnowStorm Snowmaking, has been designing and manufacturing home snowmaking equipment for anyone who
wants to make real snow in their backyard just like the ski resorts do. During the off season in the spring and summer months business slows down
and we begin to work on projects for the next winter season. Being from Pennsylvania our summers are very hot and humid.

While we would work on designing new snowmakers and related products, we had to work outdoors in the excruciating heat. We would always look
forward to testing out a new snowmaker because it meant that high pressure water would be sprayed out of the snowmaker. Every time we turned
on the snowmaker, the high pressure water would cool down the outside air enough to make working outside more comfortable.

We decided that we would go to a store and buy a water mister that we could run continuously to keep us cool while we worked outdoors. After
going to several stores, we realized there were no portable water misters that we could take outside with us when we worked. We then looked online
for a portable mister and realized our only real option for a portable mister would be a cumbersome misting fan which required electricity. Since the
misting fan was heavy and we had no access to electric where we were working away from the building, we decided to just get an inexpensive
misting system that we could mount outside where we worked and run it off a garden hose.

We set out all of the parts for the misting system and thought it would be simple and quick to install. It wasn't until we started assembling the kit that
we realized this was going to be quite a project just to keep us cool. What we thought would take no more than 20 minutes to install everything
ended up taking several hours. As we were installing some of the fittings to the misting line, we noticed how cheap the fittings and misting line were
and knew right away they wouldn't last long.

After about two days of running the mister several of the nozzles clogged and our newly installed misting system essentially became worthless. A few
days later a thunderstorm with high winds ripped the mister off of where we had it mounted with the poorly designed mounting clamps. This is when
we got the idea that maybe we should design our own water mister or misting system.

After trying various misting nozzles, we found a type that we liked which were available in a wide variety of flow rates. We found out that the smallest
size misting nozzle had the same flow rate as the nozzles on the water mister we bought, which produced the perfect amount of mist. Except our
nozzles had a major advantage over the cheap nozzles on the water mister we bought: a built in mesh screen filter to prevent nozzle clogging.

After modifying a home snowmaker to run off just a garden hose, we installed our misting nozzles in place of the snowmaking nozzles and gave our
new "mister" a try. To everyone's surprise it worked perfectly the first time. After running it for almost a week, none of the nozzles clogged thanks to
the built in filter. To this date, we are still using the original nozzles with no clogs yet and the mister is heavily used throughout the summer.

The water mister we had made (now sold as our portable low pressure mister) was perfect because it was on a stand which meant you could take it
anywhere. So whether we would work indoors or outdoors all we needed was a standard garden hose and we had a water mister. The misting
system we bought had to be mounted permanently which meant we couldn't move it around with us. Since we could bring our mister indoors, it
wouldn't get damaged in the event a thunderstorm came through with high winds.

While we had our new mister running a delivery man saw it running and thought it was perfect for his back patio. He asked where we got it and we
told him that we made it ourselves. Since it resembled our snowmakers so much with the stand and tower, he thought it was one of our production
items and wanted to buy one from us. When we told him it wasn't a production item, he still wanted to buy one and said he thought it would sell
rather well. Before you knew it we were mass producing our new portable water mister and it became such a success that we started offering a wide
range of water misters, misting systems, and misting fans.

After years of designing and selling various types of water misting products we have built up a worldwide customer base from a wide variety of
customers. Today our customers include homeowners, waste management facilities, recycling centers, restaurants, manufacturing facilities,
research labs, agricultural customers, and many more. We continue to design and sell innovative misting products that can be used for a wide
variety of water misting applications including mist cooling, dust control, and odor control.
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