Our Low Pressure PVC Pipe Misting Systems are perfect for patio and deck mist cooling and come with only the highest quality components. While
there are cheaper PVC misting systems available elsewhere, they come with cheap components and misting nozzles that do not last. You may
spend a little more for our PVC misting systems, but they will last you a lot longer due to the quality components we use.

The PVC piping that is used between the misting nozzles comes pre-cut for you at 18" which is the most popular distance for nozzle spacing in both
humid and dry climates. The misting system is pretty simple to install and complete installation instructions come with the misting system. The
mounting clamps with our PVC misting systems mount in place permanently and you can install and uninstall the misting system from the clamps in
seconds without tools. This makes it simple to remove the misting system during the winter months for storage if you desire.

The plastic misting nozzles consume a minimal amount of water per hour. Each misting nozzle only consumes 0.63gph@40psi or 1.00gph@100psi.
Each individual misting nozzle has it's own built-in mesh screen filter to prevent nozzle clogging and damage. The misting nozzles are made from UV
resistant and corrosion resistant plastic to ensure a long life and they will outlast brass misting nozzles.

Due to shipping restrictions PVC glue is not included with this misting system. You will need to purchase this locally at a hardware store for about
$5 along with a few screws or nails for the mounting clamps. The mounting hardware is not included because everyone will need different length
screws or nails depending where they are mounting the misting system.

This is our 25' long Low Pressure PVC Misting System that includes enough piping, fittings, and nozzles to mist up to 25 feet.  All of our PVC Pipe
Misting Systems can be expanded by conjoining additional kits together. For example a 10' misting kit and a 25' misting kit will provide you with
enough pipe, fittings, and nozzles to build a misting system up to 35' in length.


(1)         PVC hose swivel

(15)       Pre-cut 18" pieces of schedule 40 PVC pipe

(14)       Misting Tees

(15)       Misting Nozzles with Built-In Filters

(1)         1/2" 90º elbow (to end misting system)

(1)         1/2" to 1/8" PVC bushing (installs into elbow to install misting nozzle at end of system)

(8)         Mounting clamps

ON SALE! - WAS $164.99

***10' kit shown in picture***
25' Low Pressure PVC Pipe Misting System
ON SALE! - WAS $164.99

Pre-cut supply line, garden hose connection, misting tees, clamps, and plastic misting
nozzles are all included with the low pressure PVC Pipe Misting System.
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